Before we continue we would like to explain more about ourselves: in a day and age where patients can access a wide range of undependable information on the Internet, it is important to be able to evaluate this information. From the doctor’s point of view, our everyday practice repeatedly shows that patients are becoming increasingly uncertain because there are many claims in the media which do not hold up to scientific scrutiny and/or is primarily aimed at the interests of third parties.

High-gloss photos and films involving interviews and conferences of experts may be impressive, but they do not benefit the patients in individual cases, in particular if the result of treatment does not meet the expectations which were raised. We are therefore particularly fond of individual advice from an independent position. Urology is the specialist field of medicine which deals with changes and illnesses, in particular with tumours, kidneys and men and women’s discharging urinary tracts. For men the prostate gland and testicles also belong to the specialist field of urology.

The prostate carcinoma is the most frequent carcinoma in men, which can very often be cured – in particular if it is detected at an early stage. Therefore a prime focus of modern urology is to implement preventive measures through up-to-date methods, and in the event of a carcinoma being diagnosed to carefully choose the individually correct and mildest therapy together with you. The quicker a tumour is discovered, the less complicated the therapy is and the less side effects it has.

It is therefore important to regularly use the preventive medical examinations we offer. Urology also treats health impairments with regard to unfulfilled wishes for children and men’s sexual dysfunctions.

In recent years there have been numerous new diagnostic and therapeutic developments, most of which we offer you in our practice.